Malcolm X in New York

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1. Autobiography of Malcolm X, Chapters 5 & 13, "Harlemite" and "Minister Malcolm X" (1965)

Discussion Questions
1. Why has New York been such an important city for the Radical Black Tradition?
2. Was Malcolm X an internationalist?
    What new insights can be gotten form the  experience of Yuri Kochiyama?
3. What is the legacy of Malcolm X in 21st century New York>

Additional reading
1. Klytus Smith, Abiola Sinclair, and others (Hannibal Ahmed, Elombe Brath, Paythell Benjamin, J. Egyptia Gumbs, Eddie Bobo, and Ademola Olugebefola), The Harlem Cultural/Political Movements: 1960 - 1970 From Malcolm X to "Black is Beautiful" (1995)
2. Yuri Kochiyama, "The Impact of Malcolm X on Asian American Politics and Activism" in James Jennings, ed., Blacks, Lainos, and Asians in Urban Amefrica (1994)
3. Craig Steven Wilder, A Covenant with Color: Race and Social Power in Brooklyn (2000)


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