Malcolm Remembered: 25 Years of Research and 
Retrospective Reflection

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Malcolm X texts in  Malcolm X, February 1965 The Final Speeches

1. "Educate our people in the science of politics" (Detroit, February 14, 1965)
2. "There's a worldwide revolution going on" (Harlem, February15, 1965)
3. "Not just an American problem, but a world problem" (February 16, 1965)

Discussion questions

1. What were the main ideas put forward by Malcolm X during the last week of his life that were discussed in the opening session of the 1990 conference?
2. What were the personal characteristics of Malcolm X that people respected most?
3. Why is he one of the greatest revolutionary thinkers of the 20th century?
4. Why is it important to participate in this study process connected with the online virtual resurrection of the 1990 Malcolm X Conference?

Additional reading

1. Abdul Alkalimat, "Studies on Malcolm X: A Review Essay and Research Design" (Sage Race Relations Abstracts November 1992)
2. Rodnell Collins with Peter Bailey, Seventh Child: A Family Memoir of Maclolm X (1998)
3. James Cone, Martin & Malcolm & America: A Dream or A Nightmare (1991)
4. Benjamin Karim, Remembering Malcolm: The Story of Malcolm X from Inside the Muslim Mosque by His Assistant Minister (1992)
5. William Sales, From Civil Rights to Black Liberation: Malcolm X and the Organization of Afro-American Unity (1994)


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