MALCOLM X: Radical Tradition and a Legacy of Struggle

Perspectives on Black Liberation and Social Revolution

Abdul Alkalimat Editor
Publisher: Twenty-First Century Books 1991 ISBN 0 940103 03 12 1 


Contributor Profiles

Photo: Robert Haggins

Abdul Rahman Muhammad Babu
A well known revolutionary political leader who founded the Umma Party of Zanzibar. Babu became Minister of Economic Development in the Tanzanian Government. He is currently living in London, England. Babu, author of African Socialism or Socialist Africa regularly contributes articles to journals and newspapers all over the world. (1990)

Photo: Black Scholar

Linda Burnham
A member of the National Executive Committee of the Line of March political organization and the chair of its Black Liberation Commission. Burnham is the author of "Has Poverty Been Feminized in Black America?" and the coauthor of Towards a Communist Analysis of Black Oppression and Black Liberation. Burnham is a frequent contributor to Frontline newspaper, and an editor of CrossRoads/Contemporary Political Analysis & Left Dialogue. She is also active in the southern Africa solidarity movement in the Bay area. (1990)



Photo: By Any Means Necessary

Chokwe Lumumba

Stalwart revolutionary leader of the New Afrikan People's Organization. As a practicing lawyer, Attorney Lumumba recently won avictQry and was admitted to the Mississippi Bar in the heart of New Afrika. (1990)



Photo: Randy Goodman

Bill Fletcher, Jr.

A Washington, D.C. based labor activist and writer. He is an associate editor of the socialist magazine Forward Motion. New York born, Fletcher has been involved since high school in progressive politics first as a student activist, and later, after graduating college, as a community and labor activist. Articles and columns by Fletcher are found in a number of progressive publications. (1990)



Gus John

Director of Education, London Borough of Hackney. Born in Grenada, West Indies, John has lived in Britain since 1964 but visits the Caribbean annually. He was Chairperson of the Moss Side Defense Committee following the inner city uprisings there in 1981. He is a founding member of European Action of Racial Equality and Social Justice, a member of the Black Parents Movement, and an active lecturer throughout England. (1990)



Photo: New Beacon

Edwin Madunagu

Born in Nigeria in 1946 and educated at the Universities of Ibadan and Lagos. He has taught mathematics since 1974 and is currently writing for the Guardian newspaper in Nigeria. Madunagu has, for some time, been prominent in Nigerian radical and revolutionary politics, and is the author of The Tragedy of the Nigerian Socialist Movement, Problems of Socialism: The Nigerian Challenge, and Nigeria: The Economy and the People.(1990)



Photo: OWTU

Errol McLeod

Born May, 1944 in Trinidad. McLeod was popularly elected to the office of President General of the militant and radical Oilfields Workers' Trade Union (OWTU) of Trinidad and Tobago in 1987 following the: retirement of the former leader, George Weekes. He is also a member of the Central Executive of the Movement for Social Transformation, Trinidad and Tobago's newest political party founded on September 10, 1989. (1990)



Photo: Gerald Henry

Nelson Peery

Born in St. Joseph, Missouri in 1923. Peery, a veteran revolutionary organizer and theoretician, has traveled and lectured in Indonesia, the Philippines, Africa, the Caribbean and Mexico. He currently lives in Chicago and is the Chairperson of the Central Committee of the Communist Labor Party. (1990



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