FAQs on Audio clips 

1. How do I listen to the audio clips?

 -  All the audio clips are in Real Audio format. To listen to them you must have Real Audio installed on your computer. To get a free version of real audio go to the site and download real player basic. This may take up to 8-10 minutes on a 28.8 modem. Once downloaded, click on the downloaded file to install real player.

-  To listen to the recordings , simply click on the speaker icon next to each speaker.

2. How do I listen to the audio clip without downloading it first?

-  To listen to the audio clip directly from the server, follow the instructions below.
   1. Open real audio :  Start > Programs > Real > Real Audio 
   2. From the Real Player menu select :  view > Preferences 
   3. Select the tab Connection and  Change the bandwidth to the required settings.
     If  you are using a 33.6 modem , set the bandwidth speed to 33.6 in both boxes.

3. I went to the Real Audio website, but they are charging a $29.99 fee for it.

-  The charge is only for the premium version of Real player. The Real player Basic is free. scroll down the page and you will see a link to download real player basic. (free)

4. I did all the above and still can't get the audio.

- This could be because of one or more of  following reasons.
  - The Real player basic did not install properly
  - The internet connection may be too slow
  - If there is no sound at all form other programs as well, there may be a problem with the speakers / sound card.


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