Detroit Black Chamber of Commerce
Museum of African American History

Detroit African American History Project
Black archives at the University of Michigan
Motown Museum
History of Detroit 1701 - 2001
Coleman Young (short bio) 1918 - 1997
League of Revolutionary Black Workers
(article by Muhammad Ahmed)
Detroit Branch NAACP
Economic exploitation in Detroit
     (an ACORN Report)
Soul of America: Detroit
     (a general overview of Black Detroit)
Fabulous Ruins of Detroit
     (the aesthetics of deindustrialization)
Historic Places in Detroit
Guide to UAW Archives at Reuther Library
Guide to papers of Dan Georgakas
African Americans and the UAW
The Boggs Center
     (An institution carrying out the work of James Boggs 1919-1993)
Detroit riots 1967
1967 Riot Victims
30th anniversary article on 1967 rebellion
Slavery in Detroit
Origin of Street Names in Detroit
Bibliographies - Wayne State University
Black History in Detroit
Detroit Riots 1943 - 1967
ML King speech in Detroit - The June 23, 1963 Freedom March
Dudley Randall 1914 - 2000
The Dudley Randall Center for Print Culture
History of Jazz in Detroit
Africana Studies - Wayne State University
Black Studies - University of Detroit Mercy
Detroit Area Studies 1953 - 1996
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